Holistic Transformation Coaching

Holistic Transformational Approach to Life

What is Integrative Shamanic Healing and Coaching?

It is a process for transforming your life.  You and I begin by finding what your life patterns are.  The approach we take will be an individualized journey through each and every area of your life that you want to improve.

We will determine what you want your life to look like, and then we will work to help you realize that life.

Is this just another form of the The Secret?  No.  We work to make real, permanent changes in your life.

Is this a quick fix, that I can do over the weekend?  No.  This is not a fad program that you do, get a few results, and slip back into old habits within the month.

We work together as partners to discover, uncover, push-through, move around, overcome, and then learn to thrive, creating the you, you want to be.  This is your program.

What is the format for this program?

After the initial session, we will meet together every two weeks for 12 sessions.  This length of program gives you the chance to really explore yourself and implement the changes necessary to realize the new you.  You have the opportunity to have support over an extended period of your real life.  While it takes only a few days to break bad habits, forming new habits and making them “permanent” takes longer.

Life throws us curves that can derail newly formed patterns.  How great to know that someone will be there to help you for more than just the duration of a weekend workshop or week-long retreat.  This program allows us to shift your life at a pace that is sustainable for your hectic, real-world experience.

What techniques might be employed to help you?

I may use any combination of the following techniques and many more. Everyone’s program is highly individualized.

  • Reframing to find the hidden pathways
  • Deep questioning to uncover root assumptions
  • Nutrition guidance to promote healthy eating and wellness
  • Past life retrievals to heal karmic resonances
  • Soul retrievals to reunite all parts of yourself
  • Reiki to balance the energy systems in your body and promote wellness
  • EFT to remove blocking fears
  • Divination to determine possible outcomes
  • Meditation to expand awareness
  • Journeying to find your own guidance system
  • Energetic Connection to tie you into your local environment, so you feel “at home”
  • Dream creation to expand the meaning of possible