Motivational Tuesday

   When is the best time to act on something? That is the million-dollar question that many of us ask daily, and you know what, there never is a good time to act except for NOW.

  It seems when we hold back from our true potential we then see, that we become afraid of the unknown, and the unknown, is what holds us back from pursuing our dreams.

   Ask yourself this question?

  When was the last time you did something fun, without thinking of fear, without even considering what might be, and just did it? A spontaneous action, that felt good at that time, and you succeeded?


     All the time? Sometimes? None-at-all?

   You see the action of pursing our dream is to have faith in what will be, and to realize that with every action that we take, and overcome fear, we are heading for the direction and the vibration of where we want to go.

  So, no there is no defiantly answer of when is a good time, but if I had to say in my own opinion, it is now. What do you have to lose to get started in something like a business, planning a trip, a family, etc. Starting is the first step? The initial thought of something that makes you happy, and before you know it, the Universe speaks to you, and guides you, and before you know it you are there, and during that time, you had fun and you learned a lot. You learned that you could conquer the very fears that were holding you back, and knowing that, you bring forth a new energy of self-confidence, that you didn’t know that you had.

   So, take all that has been said. Get out of your own head. And learn to trust and do what makes you happy now. Now is the time. Do what makes you happy and enjoy the journey.

 Have a wonderful week.