The Charleston Holistic Center is a healing oasis designed to help you awaken your fullest potential. Here you’ll find a nurturing environment where you can explore the possibilities of your authentic path, and create a life you’ll love.

Our Mission Is To Empower You On Your Healing Journey

We provide a range of traditional and alternative therapies in a supportive and relaxed setting. Each of our health and wellness therapies is designed to assist you on your journey to heal, renew and transform, creating optimum well-being on all levels- body, mind, and spirit.

Lance Garland and the Center’s staff of dedicated professionals have been serving Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding area for more than 16 years. They are committed to helping you make the changes that lead to lasting joy and wholeness.


Services: Counseling, Hypnosis, Reiki and Shamanic Reiki, Dream Analysis, Soul Retrieval, Intuitive Guidance Life Coaching, Health Coaching, Massage Therapy, Spa Services, Meditation, Workshops, and Training.


Charleston Holistic Center’s Philosophy: Within each of us is the power to transform, heal, and grow. We believe that the most effective therapies fully tap into the unlimited potential of one’s own healing wisdom, and include the interconnected aspects of an individual. Our mission is to support you in creating a healthy, more balanced lifestyle. Whether you find yourself navigating a life transition, dealing with issues you can’t ignore, or you’re simply ready to grow and achieve a more abundant life, we can assist you on your journey.

Holistic Integrative Therapy and Counseling with Lance Garland, MA, CH, LPC: We provide individual, couples and family counseling in a comfortable, confidential, and supportive atmosphere.

1lance.2As a holistic therapist with extensive training in a variety of effective therapeutic methods, I work together with you to optimize your emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Treatment programs are tailored to the needs of the individual, and include identifying your goals, revealing the underlying causes of symptoms or issues, and implementing healing strategies that truly empower you.

Through solutions-based therapy, I help you rapidly remove blocks to uncover your true potential and lead a more fulfilling life. By applying powerful therapeutic approaches and techniques, we can quickly transform long-standing behavior patterns, beliefs and negative perceptions that may have been blocking you from living your best life.

Discover how holistic therapies can help you heal and evolve in the most effective and comprehensive manner. Many patients report impressive results even from their first session. You’ll find that the growth and results you’ve been hoping for really can begin today.

Taking the First Step: I invite you to please contact me with any questions you might have. I look forward to meeting you and working together. Call 843-225-2024 or email me


Treatment specialization areas: (They include but aren’t limited to) issues such as significant life transitions and changes, anxiety, depression, anger management, phobias and fears, stress management, post traumatic stress disorder, insomnia, compulsive behaviors, health problems, smoking cessation, weight loss, pain management, performance enhancement, and personal and spiritual growth.

Therapy methods: clinical hypnotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, energy psychology, mind-body therapy, EMDR, dream analysis, EFT (emotional field therapy) Reiki, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and past life regression therapy.


News and Updates- we’re now offering:

Soul Retrieval:  Do you feel lost, not all there, missing something vital, have repeated bouts of depression, or been diagnosed with PTSD?  You may be suffering from Soul Loss.  This is a condition where due to something traumatic happening to you, a small part of your soul’s essence has gone into another plane of existence.  This was done to protect your psyche at the time of the trauma, but the problem is that the essence did not return once the trauma was dealt with.  To return to complete vitality, you may find it very helpful to have a Soul Retrieval done.  If you are tired of the feelings you have been dealing with, call today to determine is Soul Retrieval can benefit you.

Shamanic Reiki: Experience the deep healing and transformation that Shamanic Reiki, the powerful alchemy of Shamanism and Reiki, offers. This potent healing modality can help you shed limitations, expand your consciousness, and heighten intuition. Shamanism and Reiki are each powerful paths of healing, and when combined, their integrated energy can produce dramatic results.

Health Coaching: Begin a journey to vitality and well-being through our new health coaching service. With customized coaching you’ll discover how to feel your best, and joyfully transition from “just surviving” to really thriving. Together we’ll build a framework for abundant health that perfectly suits your unique lifestyle, preferences, and goals- one designed to effectively resolve even long-standing physical challenges and issues. Our health coach will partner with you to create new patterns and sustainable, enjoyable changes that activate the profound healing capabilities of your body and mind.


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Reiki: We offer individual Reiki treatments, workshops, and attunement classes.

Meditation Classes:   Open classes for learning and practicing mediation are on Sundays at 5 pm.  These classes are open to all,  A $5 charge is asked for lights and water. Please bring a meditation cushion or your favorite “equipment” to meditate, as chairs are limited.  Classes begin the 5th of March.


View all Upcoming Classes and Register Here


I wholeheartedly recommend Lance Garland to people who are seeking healing and growth. His training and experience in traditional and holistic therapies provides tremendous results. Thank you, Charleston Holistic Center! - Ann

Please contact us with any questions, and to learn more about the services we offer at Charleston Holistic Center.


Spa Services

Our wellness sanctuary is a place to honor and care for yourself- to stop doing, and start being. We offer a wide range of treatments including Reiki, Deep Tissue massage, Prenatal massage, Reflexology, Scrubs, Wraps, Paraffin dips, and much more.  Call:  843-870-0712




  I have been a client of Hailey Knight's for over three years. She is knowledgeable, also trained in Reiki, and pays great attention to detail. If requested, she tailors massages to my needs at the time - like a sprain or a really stiff neck. Her work has a calm, fluid flow, and her pressure is neither too deep or too light, but leaves your muscles feeling lengthened and smoothed. I have confidence in her work and have referred members of my family to her. I leave her massages refreshed and relaxed! That's the best!   - Pam      
Very attentive and professional staff.  Good experience! - Kristen

Scheduling your spa treatment: If you’d like to make an appointment for services, simply call to arrange for a massage, spa treatment, or Reiki. Direct spa line: 843-870-0712, or e-mail us.